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The Federal Express entry system and Comprehensive Ranking System – All you need to know

Canada is one of the most vibrant countries to live in. Its multicultural environment, healthy living quality, robust educational system all make it a perfect country to live with your family. The Canadian government has flexible immigrant laws, and they even get the same benefits as regular Canadians including social security.

With such advantages, Indian’s looking to migrate look to Canada as a potential destination to settle down. With citizens all over the globe looking for the same, Canada has opened its doors to skilled professionals to live and work in Canada and contribute to its growing economy.

Comprehensive Ranking System
Comprehensive Ranking System

Canada uses its Express Entry System to screen and select the most deserving candidates to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. This system has been simplified over the year’s thus making it one of the most comfortable online immigration’s platforms available.

Canada Express Entry

The express entry System for Canada is an immigration system which allows skilled professionals to migrate to Canada quickly. Candidates can apply online with their express entry profiles. Each profile is ranked by a comprehensive Ranking system which assesses candidates based on their skill sets, experiences, and qualifications.

Each category has a maximum point set and based on the performance in a category, a certain amount of points will be awarded to the candidate’s profile. An extra point set will also be allotted from additional points.

Express Entry Stages.

The express entry process can be segregated into three sections

  1. Initial application phase – Where the Candidate creates his/her express entry profile
  2. Screening phase – this is where candidates are given a score and based on this score they are inserted into the express entry pool
  3. Invitation Phase – from the express entry pool, high ranking profiles and nominated profiles will get invited to apply for Canadian PR.

Candidates invited have six months to apply for PR.

Comprehensive Ranking System

CRS is a points-based ranking system providing candidates with a maximum core point set of 600 and an additional point set of 600.

Points are given for

  • Age
  • Educational qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Language ability
  • Nominations from provinces
  • Adaptability

Apart from these, there are also other additional point sets which will be allotted on the basis of preferences.

CRS point Calculator from IRA

Before applying for Express entry, it is essential to know whether you CRS Score. There are several websites which provide such services, but none is more updated than IRA’s CRS Calculator.

It assesses various skills sets and provides you with an accurate core points tally. With this, you will be able to understand the chances of qualification and also avenues for improvement.

Once you are done calculating CRS points, you can talk to any of IRA’s immigration experts to understand further stages.

IRA primarily assists working professionals and students to get entry into countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Germany. Get in touch with their dedicated help desk to more about your chances of qualification.


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